Saturday, November 12, 2011

Garden Sale Day 1

My cousin, Celyn has been organizing garden sales lately and I've only managed to show up to this one. I didn't want to spend much since I bought a whole lot of arty supplies before checking out the sale and was only left with 200 pesos. haha.
But i made sure that I left the place with something..this really pretty elephant necklace! :)

I kept eyeing these bangles!! They cost around 800 pesos so i'm definitely going back for that tomorrow

Oh god. I left the house without makeup but photos need to be posted. This is the other bea, the one who never seems to run out of energy. You'll find her jumping around and chit chatting with just about anybody.

 Rows of blouses and dresses
Clothes! <3

Do you spot the sparkly pair!?! Just another Item I was oogling at. haha

Books & Magazines

He wasn't amused.

      Smokey Smoke (I've quit by the way. I now only smoke socially.) hah!

    Couldn't stand my puffy cheeks. I've been gaining a ton of weight lately and this photo has now urged 
me to go back on a diet. phew! Standing between the lovely celyn and kate.

The sale continues tomorrow on Nov. 13, 2011 (Sunday) from 9am to 7pm
just in case anybody stumbles upon this entry before then :))


  1. thanks for stopping by betch!!!! sooo tatsd you featured the elephant necklace you bought from me! hehehe

  2. the necklace is soooo cute!! and i never saw you wear it before! haha i'm glad i went :D



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