Monday, December 24, 2012

I'm Alive. LOL.

I know, I know. I've been a terrible blogger. Nearly eight months without a word from my side of the interwebs but I'm hoping I'll be more "present" in the up and coming year. So much has been going on that I couldn't possibly find the energy or time to update this humble little blog of mine. There have been birthdays, weddings, deaths, and friends giving birth but I've decided to share snipets from the past couple months; concerts I've been to, hair colors my bleached fried hair managed to survive, and this absolutely darling new boyfriend of mine. *teehee* 

Finally found the time to wind down and update this page with a post. *phew*

Hmm I don't know where to begin with being gone for so long but here's a short update of my hair. Last I remember, it was black on top and purple underneath. from there i changed the purple to pink ( as seen below) 
Around May 2012

From there I decided to chop my ends off and used the temporary black tub of dye from Manic Panic 

July- August 2012

Late August I decided to strip the black off and go a pinkish-purple
August 2012
Then came September and I i thought of going dark again but stayed away from black. So I went a deep purple using Special Effects Deep Purple.

I always see an opportunity to shift colors whenever the current one fades so from purple I decided to go BLUE and that lasted nearly two months. My favorite one so far. But that didn't stick either. :3

Three weeks ago, I stripped all the blue off and stayed a bleached blonde for about a week...

I never really intended to stay blonde so i mixed up a drop of deep purple with a ton of conditioner to make a pastel purple/lavender. That lasted for about 2 days.

And now we have come to my current hair color. I used Manic Panics Rock N Roll Red on top And Special Effects Deep Purple at the bottom. I've decided to keep it this way for awhile cause everytime I catch up with friends over coffee or drinks, they never fail to comment on how my hair changes whenever I see them. HAHA
December 2012

Before I forget, I'd just like to say that I saw MEGADETH last June. yes. you read that right. It was the most amazing night of my life. They played all the songs that mattered to me and it was a breeze going to the toilet because, well, there were more men than women at the gig. I went with my brother and we sang our hearts out. Too bad SLR's weren't allowed inside the concert and all my camera photos have been deleted by accident but the memory of that amazing night will forever be with me.


Now I'd like to end this post with photos of my beau and I. We can be really mushy mushy and I've never been happier. I hope you all have a Merry Christmas!!



My next post will be all about the holidays and how I keep my hair healthy and soft. Till next time!! xoxo


  1. looking forward to that post about keeping your hair healthy and soft! i seem to have that problem x_X

  2. i'll work on that entry soon. my eyes seem to go wonky when i'm on the laptop. tsk



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