Monday, October 31, 2011

Ramble, Ramble, Ramble

I have to say, all hallows eve was extreeemely tiring for me. That day was my last chance to spend some time with my mother before she left the city, and we went around buying beads and spent the rest of the morning running last minute errands....and stuff. I also got myself a crappy shawarma lunch which tasted awful so, it found its way into the trash. Anywaaay, we blazed on through to Carbon Market, which I find to be a pretty awesome place despite it being soo hot and a little crowded at times. You can find almost anything there.

Walked around for about an hour and here's what I found that afternoon...

I still can't figure out the model of this particular Singer machine. It says 277U above the "S" marking, however, I can't find anything about a 277U on the interwebs. Getting a headache from all my research and quite frankly a little grumpy from not getting any results.

Here's another photo. I would really like to get it repainted soon. Ideas will be a-popping sometime in the near future.

Later that night, my boyfriend and I got to work on our Halloween Costumes. I had the best time getting ready and a JUST OKAY time being photographed by random strangers because I was just so tired from looking for a sewing machine that day that we didn't spend alot of time out and about. Soon as I got home I went straight to bed. After cleaning up of course.


Wednesday, October 26, 2011


This here is another one of my attempts at blogging.
Yes, I've had blogs before but I've never had the patience to update the darn things. Now that I've grown older and possibly wiser (?), I figured (censored) blogging would be a great way to keep track of my life..I say censored because I have been in trouble for a certain blog entry I've posted years ago (but that's another story) and, while i'm at it, i'll post pictures and links of what i might find amusing as well.

So, today, I posted a status update on Facebook rambling about my distaste for the early Christmas cheer that has been going around lately. I don't think i mentioned the fact that Christmas is now so overly commercialized that I can't wait for the season to end, and for it to begin as early as October with Halloween just around the corner, which might I add is my most favorite time of the year, is making me feel a little squeamish. But just to set things straight, here is a photo of myself from Christmas dinner '09 to prove that I am not a complete Grinch.

Hello. I am Beatrice and I like Pie.
This photo was taken by my father, who is actually quite the photographer.

PS I'll also (most probably) be writing about my family from time to time because as much as I think that I don't get along with them, they are actually the most interesting people I know.

PPS Please forgive the name of the blog. I'm usually always under a blanket when I'm on my laptop. It's just really warm and cozy under there and I couldn't think of anything else cause honestly, this Pad Thai that i'm having right now is so amazing that I can't even remember where I live, and that's happened before (the forgetting where I live part) but that too is a different blog entry. If I ever choose to write about it.


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