Friday, March 30, 2012

TOE live in Manila

You can't believe how happy I've been with the increase of international bands (that i like) coming to perform in this country. I may be based in Cebu but once i hear that a favorite act of mine is touring, I instantly head on to the interwebs to check airline ticket prices.

1. flying to manila with Simon 2. meeting my younger brother Teo and our friend Joe at the venue 3. TOE

When I heard that TOE, this amazingly close to superior post rock/math rock (?) band that I've been digging for years was coming, I went apeshit. In a good way. Like hands in the air. A few jumps, a couple of these: "YES! YES!" and of course the posting of the announcement on Facebook. I am usually in complete awe when I see musicians, whom I respect and look up to. When they're on stage, I fixate on their hands and fingers and become jaw-dropingly mystified by their talent. I often forget to takes pictures of performances and on this particular concert, I took ONLY ONE! *bawl* And a couple videos on my boyfriend's phone. For me, it was Kashikura Takashi, the bands drummer who stood out with his hands flailing about and his beat carrying the songs and bringing the elements together. I was just. AMAZED. Utterly amazed. I wish you all could have been there. 

And here are a few photos from past gigs. I stole a couple from RIA aka Concert Buddy. :)))
Cebu Girls: Carla, Kate, Ria, Myself, and cousin Trif
I thanked the music and production gods when i found out that Deftones would be having a concert in Manila.
Iligan Represent: Mike, Karl, and Myself
I squealed with excitement when Mr. Big announced that Manila would be part of their SE Asian Tour (gilbert and sheehan are crazy cool! haha) 
Ria and I in the upper right photo. Me and my thumbs in the group photo. HAHA
I bit my lip like a rabid teenager when i bought my Coheed and Cambria tickets. 

Hannah and Myself in the lower left photo waiting for our train to arrive. The hat makes me seem bald.

...And flew to Hong Kong just to watch Red Hot Chili Peppers with a few friends.
By now, you can probably tell that I like my rock bands. Although I can't always afford flying just to watch
concerts. I missed Iron Maiden in Singapore because the date was a bit too close to the Deftones gig and that made my heart sink a little bit.  
Although I did get a kick ass Iron Maiden bottle opener from my dear friend, Ria. Hmmm. I also missed Bush because, well, I just plain forgot they were coming. And bought tickets to Nine Inch Nails but never got to go. BOO!

So here's hoping for more acts to visit the Philippines! And while i wait for them to get here, I can always check out all the awesome local musicians.

Talk soon! :)

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