Saturday, April 14, 2012

pimpin' purple

So I recently got really bored with the black I've replaced my pink hair with and decided to shake things up a bit. I still didn't want to bleach my entire head because I kind of overdid it the last time and i'm still in the process of fixing my hair (getting it soft and manageable again). Three weeks ago, i dyed the underside of my hair PURPLE :) these photos were taken a week after I put the color in and a couple days before i chopped my hair off!! (that's another post yet to come) 

i am pretty vain when it comes to my hair ^^ that's no secret.


in case any of you are wondering, I used Special Effect's Deep Purple over bleached hair, then a week after, I added in a little Bit of Pimpin' Purple. It's almost time for another touch up :)



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