Friday, April 27, 2012

Friday Favorite

Arrggghhhh. So I still haven't fixed my blog lovin' account because I really have no idea how to go about it exactly. So yeah, the problem is, nobody can follow this blog because it was under a different URL when I first started and apparentlyyyy Blog Lovin' doesnt automatically detect any changes in your URL address or whatever. So it's a little frustrating. Anyways. I decided to start a Friday Favorites entry and here's the first one!! I'll tinker with blog lovin' in a bit, but for now, Enjoy :) 

Favorite numero uno would be Frida Gustavsson's Pink hair!! This Photo is making me miss my pink locks more and more. Which isn't good 'cause I still have some bleach in my bathroom and might get tempted to start coloring my hair again.

THIS!! Cow Print Cardigan is the cuteeeest thing! I plan on getting it this weekend cause I can't seem to avert my eyes from the photo. haha

I admit, florals and bows have been drawing me in lately. Gone are the days when I used to wear all black and randomly quote lines from E.A. Poe. I'm hoping I can find similar shoes like these where I live. It's a bit of a pain to have to order abroad and wait for days...even weeks for the order to arrive.

I might have exaggerated a little about not wearing black anymore. I still love dressing up in darker tones and colors. In fact, the outfit I have on, is all black. teehee. These Shoes would go so well with what I'm wearing right now. I love the funky, edgy heel!! Can't stop drooling over it. 

I've only just begun to fully appreciate fashion photography in the past years. Despite having collected all kinds of fashion magazines growing up, and enjoying Annie Leibovitz's portraits of musicians, I was always and actually still am a fan of landscape photography. But these photographs by Patrick Demarchelier are just soooo beautiful, I seriously cannot get enough. 

Well, I suppose that's it for my first Friday Favorites post. Have a wonderful weekend, all!!



  1. great post dai! oooh I was looking at those black pumps sad a few weeks ago, i remember thinking that the heel looked like a bolt of lightning! laaahvet!

  2. I want your pink hair, it looks like candy floss I love it! Started following your blog so you can give me pink inspiration every day :)

    Follow me back if you like:

  3. Pink hair reminds me of cotton candy, so cute! I saw Andrea's shades on her blog, and I love it so much! Can you please tell me where you bought it? Thanks! :)


    1. Hello Nyla! :) The sunglasses are from the US, i haven't found them here yet but if you'd like I can look around for something similar :)

      Thanks for dropping by! xO



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