Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Tropical Sunday

Just wanted to share a couple photos taken at the beach last Sunday in Iligan. This was my first time at the particular spot because  the beach resort we had originally planned on visiting was extremely full (it was a Sunday). So perfect that my cousin remembered this other place that he did a photo shoot at. Apparently not a lot of people knew about it so we had the entire beach to ourselves! 

oh just me with a glass of beer on a rock. lol. wouldn't this make a cool postcard? :)
i used plastic cups as molds for the homemade fruit popsicles. they were sooo good. if i do say so myself.

me and the girls: kaye, kaelha, and elizabeth

the same rock from the first photo and my cousin alex standing in the water. you can also see how secluded the cove is. just perfect!

getting our local beer on! i looove san mig pilsen. it's got flavor and tastes even better when while at the beach.

wearing my suit from SOAK. it's on of my favorites to, well, soak in       

I absolutely cannot wait for my next visit back to Iligan and to our new secret relaxing spot. :) 


  1. That rock sure has seen alot of action that day! Love the shots, dae! What camera did you use? *or are those edited?*
    By the way, added you on our blogroll in
    Lingawa this spot of yours on the web ei


  2. Love, love, love!!!
    personal style and fashion musings of a LA fashion lawyer living life in the fab lane!



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