Monday, March 12, 2012

Music Monday #2

Hiyeee!! Ok, Music Monday is going to be one of my favorite posts for this blog because..I was raised listening to The Beatles, Hendrix and The Doors and a bunch of other classic rock bands, even classical music since my mothers side of the family was into that sort of thing. Dads side of the family was more into jazz but I still found classical records in his old record player/speaker system. So i guess that made for some good background for music appreciation and what not.

Today's Music Monday post is of a band that I've been listening to for about two years now. I've been so in love with their 2008 album, "Some are Lakes" that I've actually forgotten to listen to their 2010 album. teehee.

This song is from their 2008 album. And I adore it. I adore the entire album. Now off to publish this post and listen to the other album. Night all!

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