Monday, November 7, 2011

A Special Kind of Vain

I have been obsessing about my hair for the past week now and ever since the appearance of my roots, I've suspected that I've been grinding my teeth a lot more in my sleep. Yes, little things like that annoy me. Sooooo, I decided, instead of shelling out big bucks at a salon, to bleach my roots myself. It wasn't a totally bad decision, except that the rest of my hair is a lot more orange compared to my freshly bleached black roots. This could be because of the different brand of bleach that I used? Yeah. That could be it. Oh! And I'm not looking forward to what the people are going to say at the office tomorrow, coz they usually ask for explanations as to why you'd style your hair a certain way and what not. And frankly I'm just tired of saying "Because I felt like it." So tomorrow I will use the "My Religion demands it" reason.
This blog is starting to seem like a hair blog. uuuuh. Check it out. My pores are huuuuge. Sorry about that, and the unkept eyebrows. hihihi

I'm thinking of keeping the blonde for awhile before i dye my hair Pink again. I'm actually thinking of Agyness Deyn when I stay bleached blonde. But I don't think I can really pull her look off. wah. And also, the gentleman says that I look like a confused Asian. :-/

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